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Christine L. Borgman

Presidential Chair & Professor of Information Studies, University of  California, KNAW visiting professor

Andrea Scharnhorst (DANS and eHumanities group) will be hosting the new visiting fellow of DANS:  Professor C.L. Borgman.

Professor Borgman has been awarded a KNAW Visiting Professors Programme and is hosted by DANS for her one-year appointment, commencing in March 2014.

Christine L. Borgman is Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the author of more than 200 publications in information studies, computer science, and communication. Borgman’s work analyses changes in research practices due to digital methods, the rise of research infrastructures, advances in information services (digital libraries), and the role of data and data sharing for science. She has addressed those processes empirically and applied findings to research management functions. The breadth and the depth of her studies and insights, together with a critical reflexive attitude, distinguish her work from many others in the information sciences.

Professor Borgman has a long-term collaborative relationship with the eHumanities Group, and the former Virtual Knowledge Studio. The book produced by the Virtual Knowledge Studio of the KNAW was highly praised by Professor Borgman. The book, published in 2013 by MIT Press is called, Virtual Knowledge. Experimenting in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, edited by Paul Wouters, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst and Sally Wyatt.

More information about Professor Borgman can be found on her website. If you have any questions about the visiting fellows of DANS, please contact Andrea Scharnhorst, head of e-Research, via andrea.scharnhorst [at]

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