Barbara Safradin

Visitor e-Humanities Group
September – December 2012

Barbara Safradin began her study European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, with the focus on East European Studies in 2010. In January 2012 she was selected for the Facultary Honours program in the form of E-Humanities. The coordinator in this Honoursprogram is Rens Bod (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation,University of Amsterdam).
From 01-09-2012 until 01-01-2013 I am doing an internship for the project Balkan Voices at the Erasmus Studio Rotterdam. The main aim of my place as a guest at the e-Humanities Group is to use it as a workspace for the tasks which need to be fulfilled within the project ‘Balkan Voices’ in collaboration with Peter van der Maas (General project manager Unveiling Personal Memories on War and Detention (Crome)).

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